Fr. Barnabas Powell


He is a former Pentecostal pastor that made the journey into the Orthodox faith after years of study and struggle. In fact, he insists that it was his Pentecostal background that prepared him for the Orthodox Church. Americans are trying to satisfy their spiritual hunger in a variety of ways in the modern age and the spiritual banquet of Orthodoxy is uniquely capable of fulfilling this hunger of the human heart.

But how do we communicate this beautiful faith to the average American?

As Orthodoxy has communicated the Good News since the beginning: By loving our neighbor as ourselves and daily practicing the Orthodox faith in our everyday lives.

The principles and wisdom of the Orthodox Faith strengthens community and family, and communicating this wisdom well is a the heart of Fr. Barnabas’ speaking ministry. It’s why he regularly ends his devotionals with the phrase “Be Orthodox on Purpose.”

In addition to his media outreach, Fr. Barnabas is also a member of the Frontliners; the First Responder Team of International Orthodox Christian Charities. He is active locally in his community through the local ministerial association and is currently working on the Metropolis level as the Task Force Coordinator for the Outreach, Evangelism, and Philanthropy Team for the Metropolis of Atlanta Strategic Plan. His “Orthodox on Purpose” Facebook page and his Twitter feed are among the growing Orthodox presence in social media.

Fr. Barnabas has traveled the country speaking in parishes about parish renewal, outreach to neighbors, spiritual maturity, and purposeful practice of the Faith in everyday life. His question to parishes all across the country is “Why don’t your neighbors walk to your church on Sunday morning?”

Fr. Barnabas has a Bachelor degree in Theology from Toccoa Falls College and is a graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology with a Master of Divinity.